Dr. Susan Niebur


Planetary Science

Women in Planetary Science.com founder and coauthor (2008, 2009, 2010); Women’s Networking Breakfast at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference organizer (2008, 2009, 2010); Joint Committee for Planetary Science Survey (2009-2010), Women in Astrophysics and Space Science Conference Organizing Committee (2008-2009), Early Career Workshop at the Division of Planetary Science of the American Astronomical Society (2005), Early Career Workshop at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2004, 2005)

NASA Review Panels

NASA Heliophysics Data Management Program Senior Review and other review panels for NASA Science Mission Directorate science programs, NASA SMD Education and Public Outreach programs, NASA Astrobiology Institute, and NASA Office of Education

NASA Speakers’ Bureau outreach

Speaking to schoolchildren at elementary, middle, and high schools in Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois  (2002-2005), Lockheed-Martin Take Your Child to Work Day (2002), National Capital Science Festival (2002)

American Physical Society

Forum on Graduate Student Affairs Co-Founder (2001), Chair (2001), and Past Chair (2002); APS Task Force on Graduate Student Participation (2000-2001); APS Committee on Membership (2001); AAAS Next Wave Campus Representative (2000-2001)

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students

President (1998-1999), Vice-President and Membership Coordinator (1998), South-central Regional Coordinator and Board Member (1997-1998), Bills and Resolutions Chairperson (1996-1997).  Co-Administrator of The National Doctoral Program Survey (1999-2001)

Washington University

Board of Trustees member (1998-1999); Graduate-Professional Council President (1998-1999); Graduate Student Senate President (1997-1998), Vice President (1996-1997); Peer Mentors Co-Founder (1999-2001)


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